When Does Shoney’s Stop Serving Breakfast: Discover the Timings

Shoney’s stops serving breakfast at 11:00 AM daily. Shoney’s breakfast service ends at 11:00 AM daily.

Experience a delicious breakfast at Shoney’s until 11:00 AM, with a variety of options to start your day off right. Whether you’re craving classic bacon and eggs, fluffy pancakes, or a hearty omelet, Shoney’s has you covered. Don’t miss out on their delectable breakfast offerings – but remember, they stop serving breakfast promptly at 11:00 AM, so be sure to arrive early to get your fill.

Wake up your taste buds and satisfy your morning cravings at Shoney’s with their breakfast menu until 11:00 AM every day.

When Does Shoney's Stop Serving Breakfast: Discover the Timings

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The Breakfast Menu

The breakfast menu at Shoney’s is available during regular breakfast hours as well as on weekends and holidays. The regular breakfast hours are from opening time until 11 AM. This allows guests to enjoy a delicious and satisfying breakfast to start their day off right. Whether you’re craving eggs and bacon, pancakes, or a hearty omelet, Shoney’s has you covered. On weekends and holidays, the breakfast menu is available until 2 PM, giving you even more time to indulge in your favorite breakfast items. So, don’t worry about rushing to get to Shoney’s early in the morning – you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast no matter when you arrive. Visit Shoney’s and treat yourself to a delightful breakfast experience!

Special Requests

If you are wondering about the availability of breakfast options at Shoney’s after hours, you may be pleased to know that they do serve breakfast all day. Whether you prefer the classic breakfast items like eggs, bacon, and pancakes, or you have a specific craving for breakfast food at any time of day, Shoney’s aims to accommodate your needs. They do offer customizable breakfast orders, letting you tailor your meal to your liking. So, if you have any special requests or dietary restrictions, you can simply inform the staff and they will work to fulfill your request. Shoney’s understands the importance of providing quality service and options to their customers, ensuring that breakfast is available to enjoy whenever you visit.


Shoney’s breakfast timings depend on various factors such as location and day of the week. It’s essential to check the restaurant’s schedule in advance to ensure you arrive on time. Factors affecting breakfast timings may include local laws or regulations, kitchen preparation time, and staffing levels. It’s also important to consider any special events or holidays that could impact the serving hours. By being aware of these factors, you can plan your visit accordingly and avoid any disappointment. Always remember to double-check the timings to ensure you don’t miss out on the breakfast offerings at Shoney’s.

When Does Shoney's Stop Serving Breakfast: Discover the Timings

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If you’re wondering when Shoney’s stops serving breakfast, you have a few alternatives to consider. One option is to check if they offer all-day breakfast options. This way, you can still satisfy your breakfast cravings even if you missed the regular breakfast hours. Another option is to explore nearby breakfast places that might have extended breakfast hours or serve breakfast all day. This can be a great way to discover new local eateries and enjoy a delicious breakfast at any time. By considering these alternatives, you can find a solution to your breakfast needs even if Shoney’s is no longer serving their traditional breakfast menu.

When Does Shoney's Stop Serving Breakfast: Discover the Timings

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Frequently Asked Questions Of When Does Shoney’s Stop Serving Breakfast

Is Big Boy Same As Shoney’s?

No, Big Boy and Shoney’s are not the same. Though both are popular restaurants, they have different menus and locations. Big Boy is known for its burgers, while Shoney’s offers a wider variety of American-style dishes.

How Many Shoney’s Are In Florida?

There are currently 5 Shoney’s locations in Florida.

When Does Shoney’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

Shoney’s typically stops serving breakfast at 11:00 AM. However, it is advisable to check with your local Shoney’s restaurant as the timing may vary slightly.

Can I Order Breakfast Items During Lunchtime At Shoney’s?

No, Shoney’s only serves breakfast items during their designated breakfast hours. Once the breakfast hours are over, the restaurant switches to their lunch menu.


Knowing the breakfast hours at Shoney’s can save you time and hassle. Whether you’re an early bird or a late riser, understanding the breakfast serving times allows you to plan your visit accordingly. So, be sure to check the specific location’s hours, and enjoy a delicious Shoney’s breakfast at your convenience.

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