What Time Does Spangles Close?: Late-Night Bites Guide

Spangles typically closes at 10:00 PM or 11:00 PM, depending on the location. Check your local Spangles for exact hours.

Spangles, a popular regional fast-food chain known for its juicy burgers and mouth-watering treats, operates with varying hours of operation that can change based on day and location. With a commitment to serving customers a memorable dining experience, Spangles ensures its doors stay open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, embracing the late-night cravings of its patrons until the late hours just mentioned.

Before planning your visit to savor their classic American fare, it’s wise to verify the specific closing time of the Spangles in your area to avoid disappointment. Whether you’re yearning for a late snack or a full meal, understanding Spangles’ hours helps you enjoy their offerings when you desire.

What Time Does Spangles Close?: Late-Night Bites Guide

Spangles: A Brief Introduction

Spangles restaurant began as a sparkling idea back in 1978. The Original vision blossomed, building a strong reputation in the fast-food industry.

The early success of Spangles led to swift expansion, spreading its savory delights. The chain’s growth mirrored a passion for quality eats that echoed across Kansas.

Today, Spangles boasts numerous locations, serving up their famous burgers and shakes. Each outlet maintains long-standing traditions while embracing local communities. As patrons seek out convenient eatery hours, Spangles welcomes them within changing schedules.

Please note: Actual closing times may vary based on location.

What Time Does Spangles Close?: Late-Night Bites Guide

Craving For Midnight Snacks

The quest for late-night bites often leads to Spangles. This popular eatery caters to nocturnal cravings with extended hours. Patrons enjoy a wide array of burgers, shakes, and fries beyond typical closing times.

Those midnight hunger pangs find solace at Spangles. Diners appreciate that the lights stay on till the wee hours. Convenience and delicious options make it a top pick for after-dark dining.

Spangles’ Feature Benefit
Extended Operating Hours Satisfies late-night cravings
Diverse Menu Offers something for every taste
Convenient Locations Easy to reach for night owls

Operating Hours: What To Know

Spangles restaurants usually open in the morning. Each day might have different hours. For instance, weekdays and weekends can vary.

Some places may have extended hours on Friday and Saturday. It’s best to check your local Spangles for accurate times. Some may close by 10 PM or later.

Day of Week Opening Time Closing Time
Monday – Thursday 6 AM 10 PM
Friday 6 AM 11 PM
Saturday 6 AM 11 PM
Sunday 6 AM 10 PM

Last Call For Burgers

Spangles restaurants are known for their delicious burgers and late hours. Most locations welcome guests until 10 PM on Sundays through Thursdays, and until 11 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Yet, it’s always savvy to check your local Spangles for specific times; they can vary.

Occasionally, special events or holidays might affect the closing hours. Make sure to confirm with the restaurant directly for the most accurate information. This helps avoid any disappointed stomachs from missing out on a late-night burger fix!

Alternatives To Spangles Post-closing

After Spangles shuts its doors for the night, don’t fret! Many eateries nearby offer late-night nibbles. Satisfy your hunger at 24/7 diners and fast-food joints. These spots welcome guests at any hour, ensuring that your midnight snack cravings are always covered.

Establishment Type of Food Distance from Spangles
Diner Delight Classic American 0.5 miles
Munchie Mart Various Snacks 1 mile
Omega Eats Healthy Options 1.2 miles
What Time Does Spangles Close?: Late-Night Bites Guide

Planning Your Visit

Understanding the operating hours of Spangles helps you plan better. Typically, the restaurant closes at midnight. This information can change, so always check first. To enjoy the best dining experience, consider visiting during off-peak hours.

Off-peak hours are mostly afternoon or early evening. This is before the late-night crowd arrives. The late-night rush usually starts after 9 PM. Crowds grow big and waiting times increase. Plan your visit to avoid the rush and enjoy a more relaxed meal.

If you’re aiming for a late snack, visit before 11 PM. Doing this, you dodge the biggest late-night lines. Remember that kitchens start closing procedures somewhat before the actual closing time. Arriving early ensures you get the full menu without a rush. Enjoy your Spangles run!

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Time Does Spangles Close

Is Spangles A Kansas Thing?

Yes, Spangles is a fast-food restaurant chain that originated in Wichita, Kansas, in 1978. It primarily serves Kansas communities.

Who Owns Spangles In Kansas?

Spangles is a family-owned business, owned by the Steven family, who founded the restaurant chain in Wichita, Kansas.

Who Is The Spokeswoman For Spangles?

The spokeswoman for Spangles is Morgan Wilber. She represents the brand in advertisements and marketing initiatives.

What Are Spangles’ Hours Of Operation?

Spangles typically opens daily, but closing times can vary by location. Many outlets close around 10 PM on weekdays, with extended hours until 11 PM on weekends.


Wrapping up, knowing Spangles’ closing times can save you from a late-night craving letdown. Remember, each location may have its own schedule, so a quick check online ensures you’ll get your fix. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your next meal at Spangles!


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