Hardees Breakfast Menu: Start Your Day with a Bang!

Hardee’s breakfast menu offers a variety of hearty options, including biscuits, platters, and burritos. Favorites like the Monster Biscuit and Loaded Omelet Biscuit stand out among the selections.

Serving up a satisfying breakfast to jump-start your day, Hardee’s combines classic comfort with convenient fast-food service. The menu caters to a wide range of tastes, featuring everything from sweet cinnamon rolls to savory sausage and egg combinations. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick grab-and-go sandwich or a sit-down meal with hash rounds and coffee, Hardee’s provides both traditional and unique morning fare.

The brand’s commitment to quality and flavor is reflected in their freshly prepared breakfast items, ensuring that no matter what you choose, you’re in for a meal that’s not only quick but also packed with flavor. With Hardee’s breakfast, you can expect a fulfilling start to your morning routine.

Wake Up To Hardee’s: A Morning Menu That Packs A Punch

Hardee’s breakfast menu is a morning delight that satisfies the hungriest of appetites. Enjoy a wide selection of savory options like Made-from-Scratch Biscuits™ or a lighter, low-carb alternative with the Trim It® options. With Hardee’s, you get the energy to tackle your day. Kids love the taste of tender Chicken Fillet or a loaded Breakfast Platter. Real food, made right, sets a positive tone for your day. So, swap that bowl of cereal for a hearty Hardee’s breakfast. Start your day with us!

Signature Delights: The Stars Of Hardee’s Morning Fare

Hardee’s shines brightest with its breakfast lineup. The Made-from-Scratch Biscuits are a must-have. Each biscuit is hand-rolled and baked golden brown. Guests rave about the flaky layers and buttery taste. These biscuits form the base for savory sandwiches filled with eggs, cheese, and meats.

All-Star Breakfast Platters cater to hearty appetites. Options include bacon, sausage, eggs, and delicious hash rounds. Each platter is a complete meal. It’s perfect for a big morning hunger.

The Loaded Breakfast Burritos & Bowls offer a twist on traditional. Wrapped in a warm tortilla or served in a bowl. Both are packed with eggs, meats, cheese, and salsa. These choices bring a Southwestern flair to your day.

Caffeine Fix: Coffee And Beyond

Hardee’s offers a variety of coffee and beverage options to complement their breakfast menu. Their rich blends of coffee come as both hot and iced versions. Enjoy a classic American coffee or a more robust cappuccino. The iced coffee selections offer a cool, refreshing twist to your morning caffeine intake.

For those who prefer something different, the menu includes hot chocolate, tea, and soft drinks. These beverages provide a perfect match for any Hardee’s breakfast item. Hardee’s ensures each sip adds to a delightful breakfast experience.

Hardees Breakfast Menu: Start Your Day with a Bang!

Health-conscious Choices: Lighter Starts To The Day

Starting your morning with a healthy choice is easy at Hardee’s. Their Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits stand out as a light and refreshing option. Packed with fresh fruit and creamy yogurt, it’s a treat that’s both tasty and nutritious. This parfait is perfect for those who like a sweet yet low-calorie breakfast.

Hardee’s ensures that eating well doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. A parfait can be the perfect start to a busy day. It’s a quick, delicious, and smart choice for health-aware eaters.

Mornings On The Move: Quick Bites For The Commuter

Start your day with Hardee’s Breakfast Menu – a perfect match for busy mornings. Check out the Handheld Breakfast Sandwiches that are easy to eat on the go. Try the biscuit ‘n’ gravy or savory sausage stuffed between warm buns. They’re made for those who chase the sunrise.

For an even quicker bite, dive into the Grab-and-Go Wraps and Tacos. Delicious options like the bacon, egg, & cheese burrito or the southwestern chicken burrito fit neatly in one hand. These wraps pack bold flavors in every bite. They’re fast, filling, and flavorful, ensuring you won’t miss a beat.

Hardees Breakfast Menu: Start Your Day with a Bang!

Sweet Sensations: Ending The Meal On A High Note

Hardee’s Breakfast Menu offers a sweet touch with freshly baked pastries. These treats are perfect for those wanting to end their meal with a delicious note. Enjoy the golden-brown crust and soft, fluffy inside of each pastry.

Among the favorites, decadent cinnamon rolls stand out. They come with a rich, sweet filling and a divine icing on top. Ideal for a cozy morning, these cinnamon rolls could become your new go-to breakfast delight.

Kids And Families: Breakfast Options For Everyone

Hardee’s Breakfast Menu has tasty choices for kids and the whole family! Small tummies love the kid-friendly meals. These options are just right for children’s appetites.

Families can pick from a variety of sharing platters. These platters have something delicious for everyone. It’s a great way to start the day together.

Don’t miss the family deals as well. They help save money. The deals give you more yummy food for less. Happy meals mean happy families!

Seasonal Specials And Limited Time Offers

Hardee’s Breakfast Menu often brings joy with seasonal specials. Diverse flavors celebrate holidays, featuring limited-time offers. A holiday cheer is felt with every bite of their holiday-inspired treats. Guests eagerly anticipate the new menu items preview.

Their menu dazzles with unique twists on classic breakfast favorites. Warm, cozy spices and festive ingredients transform regular meals into memorable feasts. Whether you enjoy sweet or savory, there’s a special dish waiting.

Customizing Your Breakfast

Customizing your breakfast at Hardee’s is simple and fun. Choose from a variety of sauces to add that extra zing to your meal. Options include ketchup, mayo, and spicy Southwest sauce. If you’re feeling creative, try mixing sauces for a unique flavor.

Don’t forget about extra toppings! Throw on some crispy bacon, extra cheese, or a fresh egg to make your meal even more delicious. With Hardee’s build-your-own options, you can make a breakfast that’s perfect for you.

Nutrition And Allergen Information

Hardee’s Breakfast Menu is filled with delicious options. Each item’s calorie count varies. For example, a biscuit has more calories than oatmeal. We list nutritional facts like fats, sugars, and proteins for each meal.

Our menu includes allergen-friendly foods. We mark foods with common allergens like eggs, nuts, and dairy. Always check the ingredient list before ordering. This helps you to avoid any allergies.

Hardees Breakfast Menu: Start Your Day with a Bang!

Frequently Asked Questions On Hardees Breakfast Menu

What Time Does Hardee’s Stop Serving Breakfast Near Me?

Hardee’s typically stops serving breakfast at 10:30 AM, but times can vary by location. Check with your local Hardee’s for exact hours.

How Much Is A Sausage And Egg Biscuit From Hardee’s?

The price of a sausage and egg biscuit at Hardee’s varies by location. It’s recommended to check the local Hardee’s menu or website for the most accurate pricing.

What Is On Hardee’s Frisco Breakfast Sandwich?

Hardee’s Frisco Breakfast Sandwich features a fluffy folded egg, slices of crispy bacon, Swiss cheese, and sourdough toast.

Does Hardee’s Still Make Their Biscuits From Scratch?

Yes, Hardee’s still prepares their biscuits from scratch daily in each of its restaurants, maintaining a tradition of homemade quality.


Embark on a morning adventure with Hardee’s breakfast offerings. Savor the rich flavors, diverse options, and hearty meals that jump-start your day. Remember, whether it’s a classic biscuit or a loaded burrito, there’s a choice for every palate. Taste the difference at Hardee’s and make your breakfast truly unforgettable.


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