Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu With Prices: Savor the Value!

Dairy Queen’s breakfast menu features items such as the Bacon Biscuit Sandwich starting at $2.49. Prices vary by location but offer affordable options for morning cravings.

Embarking on your day with a satisfying breakfast can set a positive tone, and Dairy Queen provides a variety of morning favorites to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty biscuit sandwich, a savory burrito, or sweet pancakes, you’ll find these options readily available at most DQ locations.

The convenience of fast food with the comfort of classic breakfast cuisine, all at a price that won’t disrupt your budget, makes DQ a go-to spot for many. Their breakfast offerings are usually served during morning hours, up until 10:30 AM at most locations. Remember, always check with your local Dairy Queen for the most accurate menu options and pricing, as these can differ based on the region. Indulge in a quick, tasty start to your day with Dairy Queen’s array of breakfast selections.

Rise And Shine With Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen’s breakfast menu offers a variety of delicious options. Sweet treats and savory delights wait to kickstart your morning. Hot coffee pairs with warm sandwiches to fuel your day. Treat yourself to fluffy pancakes or savor a hearty burrito. Eggs, bacon, and sausage make a perfect meal.

Prices range to fit any budget, so you can indulge without worry. Combo meals bring together your favorites for less. From under \$5 to about \$10, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy a dairy twist on breakfast classics at your local Dairy Queen.

Dq Breakfast Staples

Dairy Queen’s breakfast menu features Biscuits and Gravy Bliss, a southern specialty. Fluffy biscuits smothered in creamy, peppery gravy make a hearty meal. The dish is a warm comfort food favorite among customers.

For those craving protein, Eggstravaganza on a Bun hits the spot. It combines fresh eggs, melted cheese, and your choice of savory meat. Served on a soft bun, it’s a satisfying way to start the day.

Sweet Treats For The Morning

Kick off your day with Dairy Queen’s delicious breakfast menu. Sweet options await, like the fluffy pancake stack, drizzled with syrup and served hot. These pancakes are a hit among those who crave a classic morning start. Soft, buttery, and just the right amount of sweetness make them a perfect choice for breakfast lovers.

The waffle whimsy is not to be missed either. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these waffles can be topped with your favorite treats, from fresh fruit to whipped cream. Prices are fair, so you can enjoy a tasty treat without breaking the bank. Dairy Queen ensures your breakfast is both hearty and satisfying. Start your morning on a sweet note with these delightful dishes.

Savory Extras

Dairy Queen’s breakfast menu offers a variety of sizzling sides perfect for complementing meats. Guests can choose from golden hash browns, crispy bacon, or savory sausage links to add a delightful touch to their meal. The options are both affordable and delectable, ensuring a complete and satisfying breakfast experience.

For those who love cheese, the cheesy tots are a must-try. They pair excellently with eggs and pancakes, creating a balanced and tasty start to the day. Dairy Queen ensures that every breakfast plate is bursting with flavor, providing just the right energy boost for the morning.

Drinks To Kickstart Your Day

Start your morning with Dairy Queen’s Coffee Creations. Sip on the Signature DQ Cappuccino or wake up with a Classic Latte. Both options are perfect for those who love their coffee strong and flavorful.

For a fruity twist, try the Orange Juice to get your daily dose of vitamin C or indulge in a Mixed Berry Smoothie full of antioxidants. The Tropical Mango Smoothie is a sweet escape, blending juicy flavors for a refreshing start.

Drink Size Price
Signature Cappuccino Medium $2.99
Classic Latte Large $3.49
Orange Juice Small $1.99
Mixed Berry Smoothie Medium $3.99
Tropical Mango Smoothie Large $4.49
Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu With Prices: Savor the Value!

Pricing And Deals

The Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu offers pocket-friendly pricing. Each breakfast item is carefully priced. Customers can enjoy substantial meals without overspending. Value for Money Menu options include a range of breakfast staples. Favorites like the Bacon Biscuit Sandwich are affordable.

Seasonal Specials and Combos feature exciting new flavors. These specials are perfect for those seeking variety. The combos include coffee or soft drinks too. Check the menu for current offers, as they keep changing. Enjoy a full meal with these budget-friendly combos.

Item Combo Price
Bacon Biscuit $3.99
Pancake Platter $4.99
Egg Sandwich $2.49
Coffee $1.29

Eating On The Go

For busy mornings, Dairy Queen’s breakfast menu is perfect for a quick bite. Drive-thru options make it easy to grab tasty choices without leaving your car. Fans love the signature biscuits and gravy or a delicious breakfast burrito while on the move. Prices start at just $2.49, letting you enjoy a meal without breaking the bank.

Mobile ordering steps up the game for convenience. Select your favorites from the Dairy Queen app, pay in advance, and just pick up your order. This skips the line, saves time, and you’re on your way with a warm breakfast in no time. Popular picks include the savory sausage sandwich or a fluffy pancake platter. Kids can also delight in smaller portions designed just for them.

Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu With Prices: Savor the Value!

Frequently Asked Questions On Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu With Prices

What Time Does Dairy Queen Serve Breakfast?

Dairy Queen typically starts serving breakfast around 7:00 AM. However, exact times may vary by location. It’s best to check with your local Dairy Queen for their specific breakfast hours.

How Much Does A Dq Breakfast Cost?

Prices for Dairy Queen’s breakfast menu can range from around $2 to $7. Menu items are priced individually, and meal deals might add extra value. Check the local menu for precise pricing details.

Does Dairy Queen Offer Breakfast Combos?

Yes, Dairy Queen provides a selection of breakfast combos. These often include a main item, such as a biscuit sandwich, hash browns, and a drink. Combos are designed to offer a complete meal and save money compared to buying items separately.

Can I Get A Coffee With My Dq Breakfast?

Absolutely, Dairy Queen’s breakfast menu includes coffee as a beverage option. You can order it alongside any breakfast item or as part of a combo for a complete morning meal.


Exploring the Dairy Queen breakfast menu offers an affordable, tasty start to the day. With prices that match the quality provided, it’s a win-win for morning food enthusiasts. Remember, menus can vary by location, so check your local DQ for the latest offerings and enjoy your breakfast feast!


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