Bojangles’ Menu Breakfast Platter: A Morning Feast!

The Bojangles’ Menu Breakfast Platter typically includes eggs, a biscuit, meats like sausage or bacon, and grits or hash browns. These hearty platters can vary by location.

Bojangles’ is well-known for its savory Southern breakfasts that keep you fueled throughout the morning. Their breakfast platter stands out with its perfect combination of protein and carbs, aiming to satisfy both taste and hunger. The platter’s mainstay, fluffy scrambled eggs, pair seamlessly with their famous buttermilk biscuits.

With a choice between seasoned sausage and crispy bacon, customers can personalize their platter to suit their cravings. Completing the meal with a side of creamy grits or golden hash browns, Bojangles’ ensures a balance of flavors and textures. This down-home breakfast delight is a true crowd-pleaser, catering to those who cherish a warm, filling start to their day. Whether you’re gearing up for work or a leisurely weekend, Bojangles’ breakfast platter is designed to kickstart your morning with a delicious Southern twist.

The Rise Of Bojangles

Bojangles’ is famous for its delicious breakfast options. The chain started in Charlotte, North Carolina. It now serves hungry customers across the United States. Southern hospitality and bold flavors define their expansion.

Breakfast platters have changed morning meals. Busy people enjoy tasty food quickly. Bojangles’ mixes homestyle cooking with fast service. The result? A breakfast revolution in fast food.

Bojangles' Menu Breakfast Platter: A Morning Feast!

Dive Into The Breakfast Platter

The Bojangles’ Menu Breakfast Platter starts your day with a smile. You get a soft, warm biscuit. Beside it sits a tasty portion of grits. Savory sausage adds a spicy kick. For classic taste, enjoy scrambled eggs.

Fried chicken gives a crunchy, juicy bite. Freshly-made sautéed mushrooms bring earthy tones. A slice of American cheese melts in your mouth. All sit atop a platter, waiting to fuel you for the day ahead.

Biscuit Grits
Sausage Scrambled Eggs
Fried Chicken Sautéed Mushrooms
American Cheese

Nutritional Breakdown

Bojangles’ Menu Breakfast Platter may be tempting for morning meals. Yet, one must weigh the impact of such a hearty start on daily nutrition levels. The platter’s caloric content can vary, but it often ranges high, making it crucial to balance the rest of the day’s intake. The saturated fats and sodium levels should also be considered. These can contribute to health complications if consumed excessively over time. Alternating this platter with healthier breakfast options can help reduce these risks.

For those tracking their nutritional intake, look over the specific details for each item. Ingredients and preparation styles contribute to the overall nutritional values. Bojangles’ may offer some nutrient-rich sides to pair with the platter, aiming for a more balanced meal. Always check current menu information, as nutritional content can change.

Bojangles' Menu Breakfast Platter: A Morning Feast!

Customization And Variations

Bojangles’ breakfast platters come with a tasty twist. Guests can choose different items to make a custom meal. Want to swap a biscuit for toast? No problem! Prefer eggs over sausage? You’ve got it! Each custom order caters to your morning cravings.

Bojangles’ also offers unique regional dishes. These depend on the season and location. You might find a spicy chicken filet in one region. Or perhaps a pumpkin-flavored biscuit appears in the fall. Ask about special items that change with seasons and local tastes.

Customize Your Platter Seasonal/Regional Specials
Biscuits or Toast Spicy Chicken Filet
Eggs or Sausage Pumpkin-Flavored Biscuits

Pairing With Beverages

Enjoying Bojangles’ Menu Breakfast Platter with the right drink is key. Best Coffee Matches include steamy Americano or a creamy latte. Both beverages complement the savory flavors of the breakfast items. Sip on a bold espresso for a quick buzz.

As for Cold Drink Options, an iced coffee balances a hot breakfast. A chilled orange juice gives a tangy zest. Sweet iced tea can be refreshing. Kids might love a chocolate milk with their meal. Choose wisely to enhance your breakfast experience!

Fan Favorites And Testimonials

The Bojangles’ Breakfast Platter has fans cheering. This meal is a morning feast and crowd pleaser. Guests frequently praise the fluffy buttermilk biscuits. These biscuits have a golden-brown crust and a soft, warm center.

The Cajun Filet Biscuit is a top pick among patrons. Its perfect blend of spices pairs well with the freshly cracked eggs. Many diners highlight the savory sausage as a must-try.

Regulars often suggest the Bo-Berry Biscuits. The balance of sweet icing and warm, berry-studded biscuit is always a hit. Their Seasoned Fries are a side that can’t be missed. The crisp texture and just-right seasoning get lots of praise.

Here’s what the community loves:

  • Buttermilk Biscuits – A breakfast hallmark!
  • Cajun Filet Biscuit – Spicy and satisfying!
  • Bo-Berry Biscuits – Sweet and delightful!
  • Seasoned Fries – Fries like no other!
Bojangles' Menu Breakfast Platter: A Morning Feast!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Bojangles’ Menu Breakfast Platter

What’s Included In A Bojangles’ Breakfast Platter?

Bojangles’ Breakfast Platters typically include scrambled eggs, a buttermilk biscuit, choice of meat, and a side like grits or hash browns. The exact contents might vary based on location and platter choice.

How Much Does Bojangles’ Breakfast Platter Cost?

The cost of a Bojangles’ Breakfast Platter varies by location. On average, prices range from $4 to $7. Check local menus for the most accurate pricing information.

Can I Customize My Bojangles’ Breakfast Platter?

Yes, at Bojangles’, you can often customize your Breakfast Platter. Choose your preferred meat option and side to tailor your meal to your liking.

Are Bojangles’ Breakfast Platters Available All Day?

Bojangles’ serves breakfast all day. However, availability of breakfast items like platters may differ by location. It’s best to confirm with your local Bojangles’.


Feasting on Bojangles’ breakfast platter is a Southern tradition worth savoring. From fluffy biscuits to savory sausage, their morning fare satisfies hearty appetites. Remember to visit your local Bojangles’ – it’s the perfect start to any day. Discover why their breakfast is beloved across the region.

Wake up to Bojangles’ and taste the difference.


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