Arby’s Happy Hour Discontinued : What Happened and What’s Next

Arby’s has discontinued its Happy Hour, offering no details for the decision. Arby’s has recently made the decision to discontinue its Happy Hour.

This popular promotion, beloved by customers looking for discounted prices on their favorite menu items, will no longer be available at Arby’s locations. While the specific reasons behind this decision have not been disclosed by the company, it’s important for Arby’s fans to note that Happy Hour will no longer be a part of their dining experience.

This change may disappoint those who often took advantage of the discounted prices, but Arby’s will continue to offer a variety of other promotions and deals to satisfy their customers’ cravings for delicious, high-quality fast food.

The History Of Arby’s Happy Hour

Arby’s Happy Hour was a beloved promotion that provided customers with deals and offers on their favorite menu items. The origins of Arby’s Happy Hour can be traced back to the early years of the restaurant chain. It was during this time that Arby’s recognized the need to attract customers during certain hours of the day when business was slower.

To address this issue, Arby’s introduced their Happy Hour, offering discounted prices on select items. This proved to be a successful strategy, as customers were drawn to the affordable prices and special offers. Popular deals included discounted sandwiches, sides, and drinks.

Unfortunately, Arby’s Happy Hour has been discontinued. While it may no longer be available, the history of this promotion remains an important part of Arby’s legacy. It served as a way for the restaurant to engage with customers and provide them with value during specific times of the day.

For fans of Arby’s, the discontinuation of Happy Hour is certainly disappointing. However, the memories and enjoyment that this promotion brought will always be remembered.

Arby's Happy Hour Discontinued : What Happened and What's Next


Reasons For The Discontinuation

Arby’s Happy Hour has been discontinued due to changing consumer preferences and a shift in business strategies. With evolving consumer tastes and preferences, the company has made the decision to discontinue the Happy Hour promotion. Customers now prioritize healthier food options and are more interested in fresh ingredients and customizable meals. Additionally, the company has decided to focus on other marketing initiatives to attract and retain customers.

This discontinuation aligns with Arby’s goal of adapting to the changing market and meeting the needs of its customers. By reallocating resources and investing in areas that align with the current market trends, Arby’s can better serve its customer base and enhance their overall dining experience. While the Happy Hour promotion was popular in the past, the decision to discontinue it reflects the company’s commitment to providing what its customers desire most. By staying flexible and responsive to consumer preferences, Arby’s aims to maintain its position as a leader in the fast-food industry.

The Impact On Arby’s Customers

Reactions To The News

With the recent news of Arby’s discontinuing their Happy Hour promotion, customers have expressed disappointment and concern over the loss of value they once enjoyed. The Happy Hour was well-known for offering exclusive deals on popular menu items, making it a favorite among budget-conscious food enthusiasts.

People have taken to social media platforms to share their reaction to this announcement. Many are expressing their disbelief and frustration, as they relied on Arby’s Happy Hour to enjoy their favorite meals at discounted prices. Some customers are even considering exploring other fast-food options that offer similar promotions.

Arby’s customers have been loyal to the brand due to the value they received during Happy Hour. This discontinuation could potentially impact their perception of the brand as well as their overall dining experience. Arby’s will need to find alternative ways to satisfy their customers’ desire for affordability and value.

Arby's Happy Hour Discontinued : What Happened and What's Next


Arby’s Future Plans

Arby’s has made the decision to discontinue their happy hour promotions, but they have outlined alternative promotions in their future plans. They will be focusing on premium menu items to attract and retain customers. This move is a strategic effort to keep their customers engaged and satisfied with their offerings, despite the discontinuation of the happy hour. Arby’s is committed to providing value and variety to their customers through alternative promotions that emphasize their premium menu items.

Lessons For Other Fast Food Chains

Arby’s decision to discontinue their happy hour program carries valuable lessons for other fast food chains. Evaluating the success and profitability of such programs is crucial before implementation. Adapting to market trends such as demand for healthier options and changing consumer habits is essential.

Arby's Happy Hour Discontinued : What Happened and What's Next


Frequently Asked Questions On Arby’s Happy Hour Discontinued

What Menu Items Did Arby’s Discontinue?

Arby’s has discontinued several menu items, including the Brown Sugar Bacon Sandwich, the Italian Meatball Sandwich, and the Orange Cream Shake. Other discontinued items include the Grand Turkey Club, the Smoke Mountain Sandwich, and the Chocolate Molten Lava Cake.

Did Arby’s Get Rid Of Their Sliders?

Yes, Arby’s has removed their sliders from their menu. They are no longer available.

What Is The Most Unhealthy Food At Arby’s?

The most unhealthy food at Arby’s is the Mega Meat Stack. This sandwich is packed with a ton of meat, including roast beef, corned beef, and bacon, resulting in a high calorie and sodium content.

Why Did Arby’s Stop Serving Ham?

Arby’s no longer serves ham due to changes in their menu offerings.


Unfortunately, Arby’s Happy Hour has been discontinued, leaving many fans disappointed. While it was a popular promotional offering, the decision to end it may have been influenced by various factors. Arby’s will need to focus on other strategies to attract customers and provide value in the future.

Whether this means introducing new deals or enhancing overall dining experiences, only time will tell. In the meantime, nostalgia for Arby’s Happy Hour will remain among those who enjoyed the discounted offerings and unique menu items.

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