Applebee’s Lunch Menu: Savor the Midday Delights!

Applebee’s lunch menu offers a variety of affordable options, including burgers, salads, and pasta. It caters to diverse tastes with both classic and signature dishes.

Applebee’s understands that lunch is an important meal to refuel during a busy day, so they have crafted a menu that blends both flavor and speed of service. Their lunch selection is designed to satisfy cravings with a range of appetizers, hearty entrees, and lighter options to suit any diet.

With the promise of a quick, delicious, and satisfying meal, Applebee’s makes it easy for diners to enjoy a midday break without compromising their schedule. Whether you’re looking for comfort food or something on the healthier side, Applebee’s lunchtime offerings aim to please the palate and provide a welcoming atmosphere where friends and family can gather for a quality dining experience.

Applebee's Lunch Menu: Savor the Midday Delights!

Biting Into The Applebee’s Experience

Lunch at Applebee’s offers a delightful mix of flavors and dishes. The menu features a variety of appetizing options, making it the perfect midday retreat. Guests can savor classic favorites or explore the signature items that Applebee’s is known for.

With each bite, diners experience quality ingredients and tasteful presentations. Families, friends, and colleagues alike find Applebee’s cozy atmosphere an ideal setting to enjoy their lunch. The ambiance, paired with attentive service, sets the stage for a memorable meal.

Diverse Flavors On The Menu

Applebees offers a wide array of options on its lunch menu. With global flavors and homemade favorites, there’s a dish for everyone. Dishes range from heart-healthy options to indulgent comfort foods. Guests can pick from salads, sandwiches, steak, and ribs.

The menu features both seasonal specials and classic dishes that are always available. They use fresh ingredients to create memorable meals. Kids and adults alike will find their perfect lunch choice. Seasonal offerings keep the selection fresh and exciting.

Top Picks From The Lunch Menu

Applebees lunch menu is full of tasty options loved by many. The customer favorites include the classic burger and crispy chicken salad. These dishes make lunchtime a pure delight.

For those mindful of health, Nutritionist’s recommended choices shine. Grilled chicken breast and the oriental chicken salad are top picks. They are both delicious and nutritious.

Customer Favorites Nutritionist’s Recommended Choices
Classic Burger Grilled Chicken Breast
Crispy Chicken Salad Oriental Chicken Salad
Applebee's Lunch Menu: Savor the Midday Delights!

Beyond The Food: Beverage Pairings

Applebee’s lunch menu dazzles with more than just tasty meals. Bold flavors in dishes need the right drink. Pick a perfect beverage to lift your lunch experience. Citrus-infused drinks like lemonade cut through rich flavors, offering a refreshing twist.

For lighter fare, iced green tea brings out subtle tastes. It’s a gentle companion for salads. Cold brew coffee enhances heartier lunch specials’ depth. Enjoy the interplay of flavors with these carefully selected pairings.

Applebee’s Lunch Deals And Offers

Applebee’s Lunch Combos deliver tasty meals at great value. Find perfect pairings of sandwiches, salads, and entrees. Enjoy two items that your belly and wallet will love.

Loyalty Rewards offer more perks for frequent guests. Points lead to free meals and exclusive offers. Members only events also make dining delightful.

Combo Type Items Included Price Range
Classic Soup & Salad $6.99 – $8.99
Signature Burger & Wings $7.99 – $9.99
Ultimate Steak & Shrimp $8.99 – $10.99

Use your Applebee’s Mobile App to score coupons. Don’t forget birthday specials for an extra treat. Keep an eye on seasonal promotions too!

Applebee's Lunch Menu: Savor the Midday Delights!

Making The Most Of Your Applebee’s Lunch Visit

Enjoy a personalized lunch at Applebee’s by following these simple tips. Choose your favorite dishes from the menu and don’t hesitate to ask the server about customizing your meal. A good start is by selecting protein options like chicken, beef, or fish.

Consider appetizer combinations to share or as a main. Vegetarian choices are also available for those with specific dietary needs. Always remember to check for daily specials that might not be listed on the regular menu. They offer a great way to try new flavors at a value.

For those with a sweet tooth, leave room for dessert options that Applebee’s is known for. Pairing your meal with the perfect beverage choice can enhance your dining experience significantly. Enjoy your time at Applebee’s, where the goal is to make your meal exactly how you like it.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Applebees Lunch Menu

Are Applebee’s 2 For $20 Smaller Portions?

Applebee’s 2 for $20 menu offers full-size entrees, not reduced portions. Guests choose two full-sized entrees and one appetizer for a value price.

Does Applebee’s Have Lettuce Wraps?

As of my last update, Applebee’s menu does not include lettuce wraps. Check Applebee’s official website or contact your local restaurant for the latest menu offerings.

Can You Mix And Match The All You Can Eat At Applebee’s?

Applebee’s all-you-can-eat deal typically allows mixing and matching of select menu items. Check with your local Applebee’s for their specific policy.

What Can A Diabetic Eat At Applebee’s?

Diabetics can choose from Applebee’s menu items like grilled chicken breast, steamed vegetables, and side salads with dressing on the side. Opt for lean protein dishes and avoid high-sugar or high-carb options.


Exploring the Applebee’s lunch menu is a delicious journey through a variety of flavors. With options for every craving, it’s the perfect midday escape. Whether you’re after a quick bite or a hearty meal, the choices are plentiful and satisfying.

Visit your local Applebee’s and enjoy a lunch that hits the spot every time!


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