Applebee’s Breakfast Hours: Start Your Day Deliciously!

Applebee’s typically does not offer breakfast and focuses on lunch and dinner menus. Their operating hours begin from 11:00 AM in most locations.

For those wondering about their first meal, Applebee’s is famous for its casual dining experience but hasn’t traditionally ventured into the breakfast arena, setting its sights on the midday and evening crowds instead. Neighborhoods across the U. S. Embrace Applebee’s for its varied menu, featuring appetizers, entrees, and its signature cocktails, drawing in a loyal clientele that appreciates the brand’s consistent quality and sociable atmosphere.

While the restaurant does not cater to the early morning breakfast rush, its lunch specials and happy hour deals are a staple for patrons looking for a friendly place to eat and relax. Always check with your local Applebee’s for any updates or changes in their service offerings, as operations may differ by location.

Applebee's Breakfast Hours: Start Your Day Deliciously!

The Buzz About Applebee’s Breakfast

Applebee’s Breakfast serves up delicious morning meals. It’s a hit for both early risers and those craving hearty dishes. Expect classic American fare with a twist. Options range from pancakes and omelets to signature skillets. Don’t miss the sizzling flavors that make waking up worthwhile.

  • Delightful pancakes: Fluffy, topped with syrup.
  • Omelets: Filled with fresh ingredients.
  • Signature skillets: Savory, bursting with taste.

Timing Is Everything

Applebee’s welcomes early risers with their breakfast menu kicking off at 7 AM. Embrace the morning vibe with their wide array of breakfast choices. Energize your day with hot coffee, fluffy pancakes, and more from their appetizing menu.

The morning hustle demands a hearty meal, and that’s what you get until 11 AM. Classic eggs and bacon or decadent French toast—pick your fuel for the day.

Days Start Time End Time
Monday – Friday 7:00 AM 11:00 AM
Saturday – Sunday 7:00 AM 12:00 PM

Exploring The Menu

Applebee’s Breakfast serves a variety of signature dishes to delight your taste buds. Enjoy the classic breakfast platter or try the sweet cinnamon roll pancakes for a twist on an old favorite. Indulge in a hearty brisket omelette, packed with flavors, or savor the light but tasty spinach and mushroom scramble. These menu items are favorites among regulars for their taste and quality!

The menu also offers healthy options to kickstart your morning right. Choose from oatmeal with fresh fruit or a wholesome yogurt parfait. Have the egg-white omelette with turkey for a protein-filled meal low in calories. These dishes are perfect for those who prefer a balanced and nutritious breakfast.

Applebee's Breakfast Hours: Start Your Day Deliciously!

Special Deals And Offers

Applebee’s attracts fans with enticing weekday deals. Guests enjoy discounted prices on select breakfast items.

  • Monday Madness – Deals on pancakes and bacon.
  • Tuesday Treats – Savings on omelets and sausages.
  • Wednesday Waffles – Special rates on waffles and coffee.
  • Thrifty Thursday – French toast at lower prices.
  • Friday Feast – Discounts on full breakfast platters.

Weekends mean exclusive breakfast specials. Enjoy a varied menu on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Saturday’s Surprise Special – An unpredictable deal!
  • Family Combo on Sundays – A feast for the whole group.

Locations Serving Breakfast

Applebee’s serves breakfast, but not all locations offer morning meals. You can enjoy a tasty breakfast at select Applebee’s. Check the Applebee’s official website for the nearest spot. Some places open early for the breakfast crowd. The availability of breakfast varies by location. Always call ahead to confirm. This ensures you won’t miss out. Many people love Applebee’s for hearty morning options.

Customer Experiences

People love Applebee’s for their delicious morning meals. Guests frequently mention the friendly staff and quick service. Visiting for breakfast, they often praise the wide variety of options available. Families appreciate the warm, welcoming atmosphere that starts their day right. Couples enjoy cozy booths and tasty pancakes. Fitness lovers opt for healthy choices like oatmeal and fruit bowls.

Many recommended dishes crop up in feedback. Fans often suggest trying the signature omelets and classic bacon. The sweet tooth crowd adores the french toast and waffles. Frequent visitors advise arriving early on weekends; that’s when it gets busy.

  • Hearty omelets – a top pick.
  • Bacon and eggs – a traditional favorite.
  • Waffles – loved for their crispiness and syrup.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Applebee’s Breakfast Hours

When Does Applebee’s Start Serving Breakfast?

Applebee’s breakfast hours typically begin early in the morning. However, it depends on the location. Check your local Applebee’s for exact times.

Can I Get Applebee’s Breakfast All Day?

No, Applebee’s breakfast is not served all day. It has specific morning hours. Refer to your nearest restaurant for their schedule.

What Menu Items Are Available During Applebee’s Breakfast?

Applebee’s breakfast menu may include classic options like pancakes, omelets, and bacon. Selections can vary by location.

Are Applebee’s Breakfast Hours The Same On Weekends?

Weekend breakfast hours at Applebee’s often differ, usually starting later. Verify with the local branch for accurate weekend times.


As our exploration of Applebee’s breakfast hours wraps up, remember the joy of a hearty morning meal. Whether you’re an early bird or a brunch enthusiast, Applebee’s offers a delightful start to any day. So, set your alarm, gather your friends, and prepare for a tasty sunrise experience at your local Applebee’s.

Bon appétit!


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